Every year millions of Americans, mostly small children, are attacked by dogs. Fortunately, most of these bites are minor. However, some attacks by dogs produce disfiguring or life-threatening injuries. If you have been injured by a dog attack, call our office and our Southern California dog bite injury attorneys to discuss your legal rights.

Our dog bite injury attorneys in the Southern California area have understand the statute and legal rights of the victim. California is one of the few states that has a dog bite statute. Previous knowledge that an animal has injured a person is not required. The prior behavior or aggressiveness of an animal is not necessary to pursue a case. The statute is designed to prevent dogs from being a hazard in the community. Therefore, liability is automatic.

Who is Responsible?
When a dog bites and you want to obtain compensation for losses, you typically will take legal action against the dog's owner. However, there may be others who are responsible for your injuries as well. For example, when a dog attack occurs on a rental property, the landlord could be held legally liable if the property owner was aware of the dangerous dog. Sometimes, taking legal action against both the dog owner and the property owner increases the chances of being fully compensated for all damages caused by the dog.

It is also important to remember that when you make a claim against a dog owner or property owner, that individual is not usually going to pay the costs personally. Homeowner's insurance and renter's insurance typically covers the cost of dog bite claims. This means you shouldn’t hesitate to take legal action after being bitten by a dog belonging to a friend or a neighbor. You have costs and losses to cover, and that is what insurance is for.

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