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If you are walking or jogging along a Los Angeles street or you go into a store or other building, you can fall or be struck down due to the negligence of a driver or property owner. After decades of experience representing pedestrians who have suffered personal injuries or wrongful death, the Hartunian Law Firm is prepared to give you the best representation possible for your case.

Pedestrian vs. Vehicle

In 2018, 6,283 pedestrians died in crashes, which represents 17% of pedestrian fatalities. Eighty-one percent (81%) occurred in urban areas, up from 59% in 1975. In California, pedestrian crash victims (893) were 25% of the total traffic fatalities and the highest pedestrian death rate in the country. People love to walk these days, especially in cities, so pedestrians, especially senior citizens and children, are at mercy of distracted, speeding drivers as well as cyclists and other pedestrians. They are also at risk from cyclists and even other pedestrians.

Fortunately, not all pedestrian accidents end in death, but the potential for serious injury is great when someone on foot competes with a 3,000-pound car. Some of the worse-case outcomes short of death include severe cuts and lacerations, broken bones, torn ligaments, nerve damage, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, leg and knee injuries, and internal bleeding.

Pedestrians may increase their own risk by crossing in the middle of the street between intersections, carelessness, texting or being otherwise distracted, wearing dark clothes at night, or intoxicated. Due to California's comparative negligence law, even a pedestrian who bears some responsibility for that happen might be able to sue and successfully collect damages.

Other Pedestrian Accidents

Individuals can become victims of slip and fall injuries due to the poor or negligent upkeep of a walkway or public space. Many slip and fall accidents occur in areas such as grocery stores, cruise ships, office buildings, and shopping malls. Slips caused by water leakage or inattentive custodial staff can leave a walking surface slick and dangerous leading to possible severe injuries. Improperly stored materials and poorly maintained sites can be sufficient to support a finding of negligence in the serious injury of a pedestrian.

Typically, a slip or fall will only leave you with temporary pain; however, more serious injuries can result that require costly and extensive treatment. If negligence on the part of the property owner contributed to your injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, pain, and suffering, and even lost wages. The slip and fall accident attorneys at Hartunian Law Firm are available to represent your best interests to the property owner's insurance company or legal counsel.

The full compensation of any and all medical expenses caused by the accident is the first and foremost goal of our personal injury lawyers. Tremendous medical, personal, and legal expenses can develop in the aftermath of an accident, and reimbursement for those expenses and your pain and suffering is possible.


What To Do If You Are An Injured Pedestrian

After an incident has left you injured or a loved one deceased, hiring a pedestrian injury and accident lawyer without delay is especially important when evidence and witnesses' views of what happened are fresh. At Hartunian Law, we will work with local investigating authorities and review all the facts in the case to recreate what happened. We can help determine liability and assess what your case might be worth in the eyes of the law. Our goal is to protect you so that even if insurance investigators contact you, you can say you are represented by an attorney who will discuss the matter with them.

If medical treatment is not provided through your health insurance, our firm is prepared to arrange any required medical treatment by our network of participating physicians and hospitals. Our attorneys demand repayment by the liable party for costs related to any of the following afflictions attributed to a slip or fall accident.

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If you can't come to our Palm Springs or Los Angeles office, we'll even come to your home, office, or hospital room to learn about your case. Our staff will provide you with the reliable and compassionate personal service you need throughout the process of winning your case.

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