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The California climate makes motorcycling such a popular mode of transportation and recreation that the state has the most motorcycle registrations  in the U.S. – 822,844 vs. 587,499 for Florida, and 409893 for Ohio, the closet competitors. Unfortunately, motorcycle riding is the most dangerous way to travel, as 4,985 died in 2018, with 488 people dying in fatal cycle crashes in California, which is exceeded only Florida, with 574 crashes. Cyclists who hit a wall or tree, a pothole, or dead animal in the street may not far much better.

As motorcycles lack the size, four-wheel stability, and outer metal shell of a car, they are more vulnerable to crashes and the results more deadly. If you survive a motorcycle accident, you may come away with severe abrasions, fractures to your arms, legs, and ribs, spinal cord injuries, concussion and head injuries, or internal bleeding that can leave you with high medical bills, inability to work, lost wages, and long-term care costs.

If you've been involved in a motorcycle accident in California, you may need the help of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to help get you the compensation you deserve. We can help you recover your costs and even assist you in filing for disability if you cannot work.

Comparative Negligence and Accident Compensation

California is a comparative negligence state, which means that even if you are 99% at fault for an accident, you will still receive some compensation for injuries, but the more at fault you are adjudged to be, the less you recover. A good motorcycle attorney will try to prove that the smallest amount of liability and negligence falls on you so that you get the biggest possible compensation.

Finding an attorney with expertise in this area is particularly important in motorcycle accidents as many drivers perceive that motorcyclists take excessive chances, which would mean that they are responsible for much of the damage and injury they sustain in a crash.

Accidents often occur when passing or trying to overtake a car or going straight through an intersection. If the motorcyclist is speeding, impaired, or making a left turn, the driver is considered partly responsible. Sometimes a cyclist sees space between two lanes of stopped cars and drives between them. Even though California is one of the few states where lane-splitting is legal if done prudently, it is dangerous as cars don't expect to be passed when they are stopped. Car can be close together, and drivers may be preparing to change lanes themselves and not see a motorcycle in their blindspot.

Determining the percentage of fault is dependent on witnesses and evidence that you as a motorcyclist were driving or changing lanes carefully in comparison to the driver of the car, and even on factors as riding experience or completion of a safety course.

As a motorcyclist, you are expected to observe all traffic laws. Your bike should be safe with a proper braking system and lights. You should be dressed for the road so that you are protected against head injuries and flying debris that could get in your eyes or skin to skin. According to California law, you must be ride with a helmet securely strapped on your head.

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After a motorcycle accident, calling the Hartunian Law Firm is the best way to protect your interests, both now and in the future. We offer a free consultation about your case in English or Spanish, assist with costs along the way, and don't get paid until we win your case.

If you can't come to our Palm Springs or Los Angeles office, we'll even come to your home, office, or hospital room to learn about your case. Our staff will provide you with the reliable and compassionate personal service you need throughout the process of winning your case.

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