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When you entrust yourself, your parents, or other loved one to a nursing home or even an in-home caregiver, you expect that they will be cared for properly and with compassion. Unfortunately, some nursing home residents are abused and neglected physically and financially. You or your family may need the services of the Hartunian Law Firm to make negligent facilities, caregivers, and conservators responsible for their actions.

Elder abuse is prohibited under California Penal Code Section 368 that calls out anyone who causes unjustified physical pain or mental suffering or commits financial fraud against someone 65 or older, Offenses can be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the severity. Common types of abuse include:

  • Neglect, where a caregiver or facility fails to provide care, allows bedsores or other problems to develop, and allows the elderly person to live in squalor
  • Abandonment, when the caregiver leaves the patient alone or unsupervised
  • Financial abuse where a caregiver steals money or valuable, often through trickery
  • Physical abuse, where the caregiver beats the patient or engages in non-consensual sexual activity
  • Attorney abuse, where an attorney puts property in their own name or has the senior sign blank or false documents

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Once you become aware of potential elder abuse, calling the Hartunian Law Firm is the best way to protect your interests or those of your loved ones. Our clients have included nursing home residents who have suffered falls, pressure sores, and assault as well as those seniors who have suffered an economic loss at the hands of their caretaker or conservator. We are dedicated to holding negligent caregivers, conservators, and facilities responsible for their actions.

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